January 31, 2018

I wrote a long and involved timeline of my collegiate experience and struggle with mental illness, but as the woman on the other side of graduation, the journey isn't about what happened. It has and will always be about the people along the way [and what I learned from...

January 20, 2018

When you've been diagnosed with mental illness, it's really easy to feel alone. I've felt like that a million times, but I'm writing here to remind you that you're not. 

Hello there! I'm Kelly. I'm 24, a shop owner, a freelancer, a dog-mom, a bit of a nerd, and one of t...

January 10, 2018

As a psychology major at Villanova University, I was required to take a Psychology of Gender course. On the first day of the semester, the professor, Dr. Katina Sawyer, asked the class who in the room identified as a “feminist”, to which I actually laughed to myself. A...

January 1, 2018

Today is 26 November 2017. I'm writing from a picnic-style table in the fifth floor of Foyles bookstore on Charring Cross Road in London. We Are Alive is just taking off -- the site is under construction and we are gathering research on how to best reach out to people,...

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